Face Life's Challenges with Fashion

I was recently contacted by Jackie (who does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance) to showcase this guest post on my blog. Although, I don't have cancer, nor do I know anyone personally that has cancer, I still think that it's definitely something that needs to be addressed. Please read the article below and pass it along, comments are welcome. 

A serious health prognosis often sounds like a door slamming on life. Suddenly decisions need to be made and treatments scheduled. Nothing around changes, but life for those affected will never be the same. For women with diagnoses such as mesothelioma cancer or other serious illnesses like breast cancer, a fight for life has begun. A fight that will be conquered! Difficult treatments may drain the body of energy and strength, but today we are here to start a path towards healing! Stress and feeling unwell begin to take their toll on the strongest of souls. Often, while being treated for mesothelioma or other cancers, women seem to let self-care slip, exactly when extreme self-care is most important.

This new phase of life requires more innovative thinking and creativity than easier times. Each new challenge offers a new opportunity. At times, women may feel ill prepared for these challenges. Sometimes the best option really is a little retail therapy.

While not all self-care involves appearance, making some positive improvements or modernizing changes often provide much-needed encouragement to a woman’s spirit. Shopping 2012 fashions is sure to bring smiles and likely more to women in need of a pick-me-up.

This year, designers bring to the industry large prints and vivid solids. Yellows, aquamarines and everything pink are making a splash in clothing stores and boutiques worldwide. Brightly color tops, color block dresses, intense handbags and dazzling dangly earrings lurk around every shop corner. Never in the history of fashion have the joy of springtime and the delight of summer been so evident in
modern style and design.

Women struggling with the schedules of doctor visits and the effects of treatment need to take some time for themselves. Enjoying current fashion can easily begin at home with the Internet. Here a woman can view a few streaming runway shows, read about the hottest new styles and browse collections.

Of course, getting out to shop will provide the best retail therapy, especially when fashion is involved. Many of the effects of illness and intense treatments involve changes in weight and body shape, so it’s time to carefully plan a trip to try on some new clothes. A friend or two should come along to help the ill woman. Shopping exhausts the most spry person, so pick one or two stores and keep time in mind. Also make sure seating is available so that it is possible to alternately browse and rest.

To make certain the shopping trip serves its purpose, a woman needing this boost to her courage should make a purchase. Something that fits and feels good as well as being fashionable will be the best option.

No trip to a clothing store or fashion makeover will change a cancer diagnosis. Doing something enjoyable and dressing in comfortable and great-looking clothes will, however, boost a woman’s inner strength. When fighting for life, every ounce of strength counts toward survival.
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