Park Avenue Dress

what i wore: park avenue dress c/o Francesca's Collections, black sheer patterned tights from Target, owl and gold ring from Midwest Vintage, handstands flats c/o Blowfish Shoes, hamburger ring from Baby Loves Pink and Milfie Bowling Bag c/o Sienna Ray & Co.







These outfits are from Saturday. I had such an amazing day. I scored so many goodies from the Midwest Vintage garage sale including these rings, some lovely dresses that will soon be debuted, and also this amazing photos of lots lof kittens with Selma in the morning. Then, I picked up my brother from the airport! He'll be back for a few months. Then, I went to this great art event called Sensory Overload. My brother and I got a couple pictures taken in the photobooth there, if they are good, I will post them here! I of course changed before the art event, because there was possibility that I could get dirty, and I couldn't risk this new dress!

Today, I am going to be spending lots of time relaxing, cleaning, and throwing out junk/setting things aside for a future garage sale.

Did you do anything exciting this past weekend?
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