Evolution of my drawing via instagram



This one is one of my favorite pastel drawings ever, I did it in two sittings and that's why this post is so short. It is Fear of Frogs, another piece in my Phobia series. You can view the others in my Entomophobia subseries here and here. This particular drawing is based on my mother's fear of frogs. I just remember one night when I brought home a frog in a little bucket and she just screamed and freaked out at me. She made me set it free outside, and would not go near me until I took a shower. Freaky stuff! I'm not sure where her fear of frogs comes from, but it's always fascinated me. I hope I can make more pieces this summer! Follow along with my art and life on instagram!

Do you have any phobias? What do you think of this drawing? Can you spot the changes?

PS: Congrats to Kara C. for winning my Shabby Apple giveaway!
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