Purple Haze





what i wore: 
painterly purples dress c/o EL Vintage (similar)
tan belt from Target (similar)
loafers thrifted (similar)
yellow Nerine Designs beads from DMAC gift shop (similar)
blue tagua Encanto ring from DMAC gift shop (similar)
arrowhead ring from Moorea Seal

This is definitely a twirling kind of dress. I made me want to dance around in circles because of how it flows so beautifully! I got a lot of compliments on this dress while working at the gift shop on Thursday and it made me really happy. A few compliments can make a day go so wonderfully! I got this dress from the lovely EL Vintage in a surprise package and I was so delighted.

In other news I am so excited about how fast my hair is growing out. I seriously want it to double in length! I can't wait.

Do you have any dresses you look twirling in?

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