Gold lace at the zoo





multi-striped hat from DMAC gift shop (similar)
cat-eye sunglasses from OC Shades (similar)
gold dress thrifted (similar)
dconstruct resin bracelets from DMAC gift shop (similar)
cluster ring from Vitae Design Collective (similar)
hedgehog ring from Brett is a Girl (similar)
Zigi Soho purple sandals from DSW (similar)

This is what I wore to the zoo and shopping in Omaha a couple weeks ago. It was very comfortable! I went with my friend and boyfriend. It was pretty hot out, and we walk around for about 4 hours looking at all the animals. I had so much fun though! I can't believe how much I have delayed these posts! I have 2-3 more consecutive zoo posts! Hope you enjoy seeing animals! Be sure to check back tomorrow to see a whole post dedicated to jellyfish! I think I loved seeing those the most!

What are your favorite animals?

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