Retro Feeling









vintage green scarf thrifted (similar)
heartbreaker sunnies from Urban Outfitters
vintage yellow sweater thrifted (similar)
floral gray shorts from Target (similar)
Pantastic collar c/o Francesca's Collections
Encanto tagua ring from DMAC gift shop
dconstruct resin ring from DMAC gift shop
hedgehog ring from Brett is a Girl (similar)
dconstruct resin bracelets from DMAC gift shop
Escama pop tab bracelet from DMAC gift shop (similar)
yellow Sillas c/o B.A.I.T. Footwear

I've missed outfits like this with a retro vibe. It's been a while. I'm excited that I'm getting back into my groove of more creative outfits. I love the pastel yellow sweater mixed with gray. They go so well together. I got to spend time with my friend on this day that I barely get to see. I had a good time like I always do. I miss hanging out with my friends. They've been so scattered around the country lately. I barely get to see anyone because of our busy bee lives, so this day was really nice.

What are your favorite retro accessories?

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