Shopping local: East Village






I went down to the East Village in Des Moines to go shopping with my brother a few weeks ago. We checked out RaygunAllSpice, and Vitae Design Collective. They are a few of my favorite places to shop here in Des Moines. First of all Raygun has the best and wittiest tees around. I love their sense of humor. I got an adorable notebook (that has to do with cats of course) that I keep with me at all times now, a Des Moines: Hell Yes sticker, a heartland tee, and I went back to get a Des Moines: Hell Yes tee as well. Then, AllSpice- the business I have an internship at is just completely lovely. I really need to take photos of the inside of the store, one my of mentors designed the packaging for them and I am absolutely in love with it! Also, they have some of the most unique spices! I got some honey powder (a fast favorite), ghost chile (the hottest pepper in the world), and some Quebec poultry seasoning, which is absolutely incredible! Lastly, Vitae Design Collective houses tons of apparel, jewelry and accessories that are vintage or made by local designers. I have never left that store without buying anything. I was lucky enough to scored a spaceman open back tee made by Acanthus Apparel, and an adorable spoon bracelet made by Dank Artistry. I'm so happy with all my purchases and to have such amazing businesses in Des Moines.

Do you have favorite local shops?

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