Pillowcase top







what i wore:
vintage pillowcase top thrifted (similar)
black high waist shorts from Target (similar)
heartbreaker sunnies from Urban Outfitters
chevron bracelet from Forever 21
pink bracelet from Forever 21 (similar)
bear ears ring from Forever 21
Air Encanto tagua ring from DMAC gift shop
tribal bag thrifted (similar)
cloth mary janes from Urban Outfitters

This is just the outfit that I wore to shop when we I bought the things from yesterday's post. It's one I my most comfortable outfits to date! I felt like I was in my Pjs, which could be a good or bad thing. I'd like to think of it as good. Although I was comfortable I still felt stylish! Also I love the pastel purple and pink hues of this top. It's very serene.

Anyways, if you have been following me on instagram you would know that I have embarked on a raw vegan diet starting this past Sunday. I am on day three and feeling great. The past couple days I have been really tired and have slept a lot, but I think it's kicking in and today I feel great and I was even able to begin working out again! I just want to see how long I can last on this diet, and I've been tired of eating the same food all the time. I just want to try something new! I just ordered a spiral cutter that should arrive today to make zucchini into pasta! I'm really excited.

Do you know any raw food recipes!? I'd love to know!

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