Pretty in pink










what i wore:

The Karla 1960s dress from Bohemian Bisoux (similar)
cat eye sunnies from OC Shades (similar)
pewter central flats c/o Blowfish Shoes (similar)
Dank Artistry vintage spoon bracelet from Vitae Design Collective (similar)
cluster ring from Vitae Design Collective

Oh, I love my hair wavy. I got these pretty waves using hot curlers (these to be specific). They're very easy to use and doesn't take a whole lot of time. Waves and curls don't stay so well in my hair, but it's been getting better, maybe because of the extra hairspray I have been using before, during and after the curling process. Also, I make sure not to touch the curls while they are hot, which helps so much!

So, have any of you ever felt like a dress was made for you? I think that this is one of those dresses for me. I feel like it fits me so well, and is incredibly flattering. I love the pick color and the rosette buttons. I feel so happy when a wear it!

Tell me about a dress you feel was made for you!

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