Acanthus Spotlight + A Giveaway!

Meet Alyssa and Josh of Acanthus Apparel:

Here are some photos from their Fall 2012 lookbook by Figment Art Photo:







Tell me a little about Acanthus Apparel.

Acanthus started 7 years ago when I bought Joshua a sewing machine for Christmas. He was having trouble finding designer t-shirts that he liked and thought he would just make them himself. Soon after people were asking where they could buy them. Then we were contacted by a local boutique, Melrose, and asked to sell them there. That's when I started helping him. A couple of years later we had enough business that I could quit my job and try to do Acanthus full time. Acanthus used to be more designer apparel. We put a lot more work into each garment and they retailed starting at $80. These shirts sold at Melrose Boutique, Von Maur and one design (Fratto by Acanthus) sold at Kitson in LA. When I opened Vitae we toned things down and started doing simpler designs on quality garments. For the last 5 years we have been expanding our market with the simple one color designs at tattoo conventions and on Etsy.

How would you explain Acanathus in five words or less? 

Clothing we love to wear.

What inspires your designs? 

Absolutely everything from current trends to tattoos.

Tell me a little bit about your creative process? 

As far as the illustration goes, we come up with an idea or concept together. Joshua then spends a day or two finding reference material and inspiration. When that's done he locks himself in his studio and does the graphic drawing for the design. I research current trends which helps me pick the blank apparel styles and colors we use.

Where do you sell your items? Why did you choose to sell them this way?

We sell our items at Vitae, tattoo conventions and in our Etsy store. We chose to sell items at conventions because it helps to get our brand out there. We want to boost our online sales. We love Etsy. It's easy to use and convenient especially the phone app... We can update our listings anywhere.

Where do you think Acanthus Apparel will be in five years?

We would like to expand our selections and offer kids and baby clothes and maybe even home accessories. Which might lead to our own storefront and employees. We hope to offer wholesale again as well.

What do you think sets Acanthus Apparel apart from other similar businesses?

What sets us apart from other apparel businesses is that we stay consistent with our designs but we also adapt to the trends with the apparel we print on. People love the quality of our garments and the way they fit. People also love the handmade feel with the sewn in tags. We also put time into our marketing by having professional photos taken of our apparel.

Tell me about some of your favorite items from Acanthus Apparel?

Alyssa: My favorite items are the t-shirt and maxi dresses, they are perfect to dress up or dress down. Followed by the hoodies!

Joshua: My favorites are the hoodies. They're so comfortable, I have like 8 of them.

What are your favorite colors?

Alyssa: red, mustard yellow and black. I have been trying to incorporate these colors in our designs this year.

Joshua: crimson, ochre, gold and black.

What is your definition of a perfect Fall outfit?

Alyssa: I like to be comfortable so my perfect fall outfit would be my dark skinny jeans with brown riding boots, a grey acanthus v-neck layered with a colorful flannel shirt and a faux leather jacket.

Joshua: I think layers. Brogue boots, selvedge denim jeans, gold acanthus moon-man t-shirt, J-crew plaid flannel with a warm vest.

Anything else you want to add?

We would like to thank Meanz for being so supportive of Acanthus Apparel. She's the best!


Hope you loved the interview and much as I do. Also, I have partnered with Acanthus Apparel to giveaway a hooded bee scarf to one lucky winner of mine! I have one of my own, and it is so comfortable and practical! A hood AND scarf all in one? How awesome, right!? Well, for your chance to win this lovely hooded bee scarf in the photo below, just enter through the rafflecopter widget! Giveaway is open internationally.


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