Plaid and the spaceman






what i wore:
spaceman tee from Acanthus Apparel (buy similar here)
Plaid shirt from Target (buy similar here)
Navy Ponte flare skirt from Gap
Gray tights from Target
Lace-up boots from Target (buy similar here)

You may have noticed that I deleted my last outfit post. I was hesitant to post it in the first place, because I just felt like that wasn't the way I would like to portray myself. I felt like I looked too sloppy and I wasn't happy about it.

Anyways, I feel like I've been fighting with my wardrobe for a long time now. I am in the process of clearing a lot of things out and bringing more classic/basic pieces into my wardrobe. Slowly, but surely I will be adding plenty of things to my Threadflip shop. I've been drawn to more navy, black, gray and red lately. Also, so some reason I've been straying away from accessories and I'm not sure why! I have collected so lovely pieces over the past year. Maybe I'll start accessorizing again, slowly!

What are some common colors in your closet!?

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