Artist Spotlight: Wishcandy

Wishcandy aka Sashiko Yuen's style is a blend of kitschy, retro, hypersexual imagery. Most of the illustrations are done in muted pastel colors. I discovered her recently on tumblr and fell head over heels for her illustrations. On her website she describes her work as, "essentially a sassy candy-coated horror show. It's full of compassion, eroticism, violence, and the search for true freedom. Inspired by retro culture, street fashion, kitsch, beauty, and the grotesque."

I also am always really intrigued by artists' processes and it's nice to see other artists showcase how their work comes to fruition. Through her tumblr, you can see how ideas are sparked and where she gets her inspiration. It's really incredible, she's very talented, and seems so sweet!

Where else you can find her:

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