Family CelebrAsian

what i wore: a slouchy cream knit hat and denim appearance leggings from Forever 21, a black cardigan and navy blue tank top from Delias, a black sheer black top w/ white floral detail from Express, and gray buckle ankle boots from Wet Seal

So Thursday, February 3rd was Chinese New Year and as a family we weren't able to celebrate until today. It's weird, I don't usually attend family events because, I'm not sure, most of the time I feel like I don't fit in with them. But, I'm going to make more of an effort, I guess. There's not much more I can do. The thing I do love about these things is the food. There's so much yummy authentic Chinese food. There are dumplings, duck, Chinese greens, rice, and etc. It's hard not to eat a little bit of everything. I also like how everyone contributes to this amazing food pile. Anyway, This is what I wore to the family get together. I know it's not very festive, but we don't really dress up to go to these things, they're suppose to be informal and comfortable and that how I dressed. The sheer black top with white floral accents is probably one of my favorite tops because it's so versatile.

Tell me about your family celebrations! What's your favorite part about them?
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