Sometimes messy hair works

what i wore: a black cardigan, gray printed feather v-neck tee, floral romper, and black leggings from Target, a tan woven belt (Jessica Simpson Collection) from Dillard's and flat gray buckled ankle boots from Wet Seal

Usually, I lay out my clothes the night before but I was too tired last night. I threw this outfit together starting with the black leggings. I don't own a lot of shorts and I really wanted to wear this romper. So I threw a t-shirt over it. I don't know, I just love experimenting.

My boyfriend took yesterday and today off work so he could get a four day weekend for his birthday. We spent the day watching a Canada criminal drama called Intelligence. Oh and I have lost almost 5 pounds in one month with weight watchers! Also, my hair is always a mess, so I just put it up in a messy bun today. I need quick new hairstyles besides just a bun and down. I want to try braids but I'm not very good at putting braids in my hair. Does anyone have any suggestions? Links?
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