My lust is just convenient now

what i wore: gray and white mixed leopard cardigan from Delia's, taupe pleated button up shirt from Heritage 1981, dusty charcoal gray jeans and Dolce Vita lace-up black boots from Target, and belt taken from another top

I wanted to go for a casual yet slightly edgy look, so I went for the leopard print (it has flecks of a light gray sprinkled about) and lace-up boots for the edgy part and the taupe top and dusty gray jeans added as neutrals.

Oh and I used my old girly curtains as a background! I think they are adorable!

Also here are pictures with my hair down so you can see how it looks since I dyed it! I missed a couple small areas and this is what I get for doing it on my own, but I used two boxes (because I have so much hair!) of Revlon Color Silk # 10 in Black and I loved it. The conditioner was wonderful and left y hair so silky and soft! I'd highly recommend it! Anyways, I'll probably do some touch up on the areas I've missed somewhat soon. I think I did a pretty good job though!

I apologize for not posting yesterday, but I didn't really go anywhere or do much, my boyfriend and I just stayed in for a lovely day together since the weather is getting a bit colder once again! I cannot wait for this to end and for the weather to be better!

What do you think of the hair color? Do you like it better back, or I guess before black?
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