The way I see it

what i wore: light blue-gray pleated button up shirt from Heritage 1981, black cardigan from Delias, black Blowfish wedges from DSW, braided belt from another shirt, mustard tights from Forever 21, and knee-high socks from Target

So, I like to look at my outfits like a composition in an art piece. I like to create a repetition of elements like the solid black that is obviously repeated that you can see. And then the darkness of the black also brings out the brighter mustard and color as well as the lighter colored shirt. I just wanted to explain my outfit a little more intellectually today! Anyways, I need to get more knee-high socks, if you couldn't tell I only have black and a few gray  pairs that I cannot seem to find. Oh, and as you can see in the top pictures, my boyfriend surprised me with chocolate and a hilarious card with a dog on it (he knows what I like). Anyways, we had agreed we weren't going to get each other anything, but it was a nice surprise. It always is a little hectic from January to March, because first, it's my birthday in January, then in the beginning of February it's his, then Valentine's Day, then in the first week of March it's our anniversary (It'll be two years soon, so exciting!). So, there's a lot of money spending around these three months, but of course I don't really have any money, so this year we're keeping the presents and such relaxed.
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