Tan, Taupe and Navy

what i wore: taupe cardigan w/ black detailing from H&M, white tights and ivory lace skirt from Target, dark gray lace-up Restricted wedges from Endless, navy ruffled button-up shirt and tan skirt from Heritage 1981, and braided Jessica Simpson stretch belt from Dillard's

I wanted to stray from black today, since it was so nice out and sometimes you just needs an outfit sans black, well some black snuck in on the detailing of the cardigan, but otherwise no black! It's a hard thing to do for me, especially as of lately! And I also tried white tights... I know I should have used a different background, but I have a paper to write! An English paper to be exact, but it shouldn't be too difficult, I'm just very easily distracted! Anyways, my boyfriend is moving in with me soon, and I am very excited about this! I can't stand sleeping alone anymore (on the occasions I do). Anyways, once again, I need to figure out more hairstyles, or else I need to cut my hair. These horrible tangles are so annoying. I wake up with more and more each day even when I brush it the day before.

Any suggestions on hair? How can I maintain my long hair better? HELP!
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