Inspired by: Jane Lane

what i wore: red button up from Forever 21, black tights, black Dolce Vita lace-up boots, white Hanes v-neck tee, black shorts and black top from Target.

Via Google

So, since we got Direct TV installed, I've been watching and recording Daria on Logo. This used to be one of my favorite shows and Jane Lane was always my favorite character, probably because I can relate to her in many ways. I love her artsy style and always admired her I don't care attitude. I know cartoons basically wear the same thing in every episode, but her outfit is so chic and not very hard to wear! I wish I had a red blazer but I improvised with just a button-up shirt. Although I decided against channeling her personality and attitude, I thought it'd be fun to try her style! Also I wish I had the guts to chop off my hair and do a bob like hers. I've always wanted to! I'm thinking it could happen sometime in the (far) future!

I might be doing a lot more of these, as in channeling and drawing inspiration from cartoon characters, tv show characters, and etc. What do you think? Would you like to see more posts like these?
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