United colors of floral

what i wore: green cardigan from Target, floral top and denim appearance leggings from Forever 21, and Steve Madden boots from DSW

I was scarce on time this morning. But I wanted to bring a little color into the gray blreak rainy day we were having here. I also wanted to mess around with black and white editing and I didn't really mean to make my hair a burgandy color in the third picture, but I like it. I've always wanted my hair to be that color. I'm not sure if I'd be willing to dye my hair again though. I'm really happy with the black (well mostly black) right now! Anyways, I got an Astronomey test to study for that I've been putting off, but it's tomorrow so I have no choice tonight!

Speaking of rainy days, do you like to dress in bright colors or do you like to go with more neutral tones? Does the weather affect the colors you wear?
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