Green sheen

what i wore: small houndstooth bow headband from Target, pink pattern scarf from Forever 21, beige and sandy cardigan from Old Navy, green v-neck tee from Target, dark warm jeans from Gap, Vince Camuto chestnut lace-up boots from Dillard's, and cross body bag thrifted

Hello, and happy Sunday my lovely readers! I hope you all are having a fantastic day. I've had a pretty good day, I could not get to bed last night for some reason and I stayed up until 6AM and actually did some homework. Although I have a lot to study for my astronomy test on Wednesday, I'm happy to have gotten some work done. Anyways, my parents were going to have a barbecue today, but because of the fact that it looks like it could start pouring at any minute, they decided against it, which is really sad, I've been craving the chicken skewers they've been talking about. Oh well, it'll happen soon, I hope!

So, today I decided to go for a casual pretty look, I wanted to spice the outfit up a little with the pink scarf and the little houndstooth bow, also I love green and pink together. I also used some orange lipstick. It is not my favorite, but it is always fun to experiment!

Oh, and how many of you are excited about today being the first day of Spring? I am, even though we got a dreary start! It only gets better, right?
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