Gray day and clubber wayfayers

what i wore: "clubber" clear wayfayer sunnies from OC Shades, black faux leather jacket from H&M, white ruffle blouse, light gray tights, black shorts, and gray fair isle slouch sweater from Target, and Restricted gray lace-up wedges from Endless

Hello my lovely readers! Before I get to anything else today, I'd love to share a great customer service story. I had just ordered a few pairs of sunglasses from OC Shades (only $10-$12 per pair!) and I received them today. They sent me a pair of "Harmen" round clear lens instead of the sunglasses version. I actually don't even like the style on me, so I sent them an email asking how I should go about returning this pair and getting my money back. I got an email back within a half hour I got an email that said this: "This is our mistake for sending you the incorrect pair of sunglasses, so feel free to keep them. If you want, we can send you the original sunglasses you order, or any other sunglasses of your choice on our website, or we can simply refund you your money." How nice is that!

I know it's not much, but it made me happy that they actually seem to care about their customers and their products are pretty inexpensive too and amazing!

I absolutely love these "Clubber" clear framed wayfayers though! They're so retro chic and I swear they are made for me! I might even get some prescription lenses put in!

Anyways I wanted to wear a lot of gray today, I don't know why, probably because I've been wearing plenty of color lately and it's a nice break. I wanted to used non-colors of course as well, so to add value to my outfit I decided to put together different shades of gray! This week has gone by pretty fast! I'm glad tomorrow is finally Friday!

Pictured below are my boyfriend in I, and I got him to model the "Harmen" round clear lens glasses for me! I'm thinking about possibly a giveaway featuring these sunglasses and a couple others! What do you think?
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