Snow turning back

what i wore: cozy long The Limited sweater thrifted, striped pale pink cardigan and black lace-up Dolce Vita boots for Target, and Hue cord leggings from Dillards

I love the dreamy look of the photos I captured today outside as it snows in the Spring... I was going for soft, comfortable and cute today! I feel like I could even sleep in this outfit, I'm glad I got to wear this sweater, I've been wanting to for a while!

Here's my friend, Sarah:

She came over today, the same day it was snowing, but by the time we took these pictures around 3PM it had stopped snowing and the accumulated snow on the ground earlier had diminished. I thought she had a cute casual outfit on today that really utilizes blacks and grays. You can view her blog here. Watch out for her spotlight that will be happening in the near future and also a post about her wedding/reception!

So off topic - I've been listening to Fall Out Boy all day and it makes me feel nostalgic. I remember once, when they came here and I saw them, I was crowd surfing and then I was dropped on cement. I was fine, thankfully, but that was the end of my crowd surfing days... I used to go to so many shows, when I was 14 and 15 I'd go to at least one a week. I miss that. I haven't been to one in a while. I'm thinking about seeing Iron and Wine though when they come here in June! Also, I just discovered Grace Potter and the Nocturnals recently, watching Conan and I love them! They're a mix of blues, soul and rock with a Janis Joplin-esque voice!

So, what are you listening to? I'd love some music suggestions!
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