Cardboard daisies

what i wore: indigo ruffle cardigan and light tan knee high boots from Target, True Religion jeans from Neiman Marcus Outlet, black and white striped top from Forever 21, and chestnut belt

Hi everyone! I just wanted to show you all how big my Daisy bottle is! Also, I just brought it in from the garage. I'm not sure about where to put it yet, and I'm excited to try and figure out the best way to paint it! I'm looking it up right after I post this! Anyways, I decided to go for a more casual look today, in Drawing class, we went on a sort of field trip to a pedestrian bridge to sketch and take photos for inspiration for our final drawing. I snapped so many pictures of squirrels, mushrooms, parts of houses, and this adorable kitty we came across! I'm so glad it's Thursday and that I have one more class tomorrow, and I'm good for the weekend! I am so tired. Oh yeah, and my Drawing professor made me some peanut butter cookies along with a couple of my other classmates, because on Tuesday we drew on huge sheets of paper with thick charcoal. It was so much fun and the cookies were delicious! I wish I had some more.

How did you spend your day?
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