Denim vest DIY and how I wore it

What you need: denim jacket (thrifted or any old one that you might have lying around), scissors, and studs (you can probably find them at any craft store, Brooke got them at Hobby Lobby)

1. Cut off the sleeves. You can just cut them right at the line like me and have frayed edges, or leave a half inch or so, and sew that half inch under to get nice clean edges.

2. Decide when you want to put the studs and start poking them in and clasping the back. We used our fingers, but they hurt afterward so I would recommend pliers or something!

Final Product, voila! Yes, it is that easy:

Brooke puts her studs near the shoulders of her vest and I just put them all over. I think I might want to get more and put them on the back! Stud crazy!

How I wore it today:

what i wore: DIY studded denim vest, heathered grays baseball tee, black pants from Forever 21, black lace-up Dolce Vita boots from Target, and vintage sunnies were a gift

I decided to go for a more tomboy look today, and it was super comfortable! It reached up to 70˚F though today! I should have worn shorts, but I really like this look. It's different! I'm thinking about wearing a pretty dress and some sandals the next time I wear this vest!

I was freaking out this morning when I could only register for 2 of the classes on a list I made. After frantically emailing professors and sheer luck. I'm pretty sure I'll get all the classes I need and want except for one of them and that is fine with me!

Anyways, how would you wear this vest?

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