Food pictures and my friend, Rachel

food I made: english muffin sandwich with popcorn, diet coke and banana slices, homemade pancakes with homemade syrup, toast, sausage links, homemade hashbrowns, and sliced tomatoes, Boca chik'n sandwich with cheese, scrambled eggs and tomatoes slices.

dessert: Tempura cheesecake and strawberry mochi ice cream from Samurai Sushi and Hibachi

my friend: Rachel wearing "Le Vash II" large circle clear lens sunglasses from OC Shades.

I know this is quite the random post, but I haven't really done anything interesting within the last two days. I've enjoyed quite a bit of relaxation and catching up on sleep though. I decided to share with you some delicious food pictures I have taken over the past few months and I got to finally spend some time with my friend Rachel as well as Jamie the other day. I snapped some photos of her with my fish eye lens attachment, and I had her put on these OC Shades clear lens glasses. She looks like an adorable little owl! Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

What are your favorite foods?
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