Inspired by: Pandas

what i wore: thick black and white striped sweater from Forever 21, black dress, white tights, and black socks from Target, and black Blowfish wedges from DSW

images via google

I decided to take inspiration from one of my favorite animals today; pandas of course! How could I not do this? They are so adorable, and very fashionable! Haha

Anyways, it's been way to windy here lately, but I decided to take some pictures outside anyways just to showcase it! I'm not feeling very much like myself today, I think I could possibly be getting sick, or the change of seasons is effecting me in a negative way for some reason, I'm not sure sometimes that happens. I have also been really tired lately, but that might be because I've been sleeping too much, especially this weekend. It's been nice, but if I continue on this 9-10 hours of sleep schedule, I'll probably start to get lazy, and I cannot allow that!

On a happier note, five more weeks until the end of Spring semester!

So, what are some of your favorite animals?
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