Keeping it casual with Bella

what i wore: pepper gray cardigan from Urban Outfitters, black lace-up Dolce Vita boots from Target, Blue and pink plaid button up from Wet Seal, and tan cord leggings from Hue.

Bella decided to join me in taking photos today!

Anyways, today was such a dreary day, it's the first time in a while I dressed to match the weather. I'm so glad the week is finally coming to an end. I'm super excited for this weekend! I get to go to my first bridal shower, and on Sunday, I'm going with my friend Brooke to a meet and greet with My Chemical Romance and of course the show! I've only listened to Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and I probably know all the lyrics to every song, because I was in love with them when I was about 14 - 15. So, basically, this is a chance for me to relive one of my 15 year old dreams! Haha, I'm so nostalgic right now...

Oh and a big thank you to Emma from Behind the Leopard Print Glasses for the Kreativ Blogger Award! She's so sweet and I really appreciate it!

Any exciting weekend plans?
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