Falling flowers

what i wore: falling flowers tank and aquamarine cardigan from Old Navy,  dark wash denim appearance leggings from Forever 21, and charcoal gray lace-up wedges from Endless

I am wearing a very casual outfit today. This tank was probably my go to tank last Spring. I wore it way too much, and after taking a break from it (as in hiding it from myself) I finally dug it out to wear today! I love the effect of the flowers and the amazing bright colors. I paired it with darker leggings and shoes just so no attention would be stolen from this tank and this adorable cardigan that I need to wear more often!

Hello, all today I am going thrifting with my friend Sarah! I also am going to get started on studying, working on projects/drawings, and writing a paper for my upcoming finals week, next week. I'm only worried about my Astronomy class, because there is so much information I feel like I need to javascript:void(0)remember, that I don't exactly understand, and also Art History, because I'm at a B and I have to get an A on the final to get an A in the class! Also, I'm not exactly sure what is going to be on the final yet, and that worries me a little!

Also, I'd love to thank Katrina of So Wh@t? for The Lovely Blog Award and Sunshine Award. I am truly honored :)

Is there anything stressing you out lately? How do you deal with stress?
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