Floral, denim and blue

what i wore: black and multi-colored Forever 21 floral tunic and denim motorcycle style jacket secondhand from Plato's, blue tights, striped shorts, and black tank from Target, Garren cork platforms in black from Blowfish, red heart shaped sunnies from OC Shades

I have a pretty big break in between classes today, so I decided to snap a few outfit pictures while I had the time! This is one of the "dresses" I bought yesterday at Plato's, it's basically just a tunic, I wore a tank underneath as well as shorts, and blue tights to add that pop of color, and because it's a little too chilly for bare legs today! This denim motorcycle style jacket is also something I bought at Plato's! As many of you know, I'm not a big fan of denim jackets (I'm pretty sure I've stated this before), but the style of this one was too adorable to pass up, and it fits perfectly! I also lured Bella into taking some photos with me, as you can see!

I'm sorry if these posts seem rushed. As I've stated, finals week is next week, and I have a lot of projects and preparation to do!

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