Local Spotlight: Megan Crutison

Tell me about yourself.

Megan 20, college student and blogger. Studying elementary education @ISU. Eventually I want to be a kindergarten teacher. part time at Express as sales associate. Born in Oklahoma. Currently living in Des Moines.

What do you like best about Des Moines?

Des Moines is a good place to live. It’s small, but if you try hard enough, you can always find something to do. I’ve made some pretty awesome friends while living here and I just really enjoy it.

What do you think about the style in Des Moines?

Grungy fashion, hardcore (band shirts/hoodies). The fashion scene is really small, most people around here don’t seem to try, they just throw on t-shirts and jeans. Small group of people who actually have any style or show interest in fashion. Wish we had better stores. Some of the more local shops like Vitae and Dorothea’s Vintage have super cute finds!

Tell me about what you’re wearing today?

Blouse goodwill, polka dot
Express skinny jeggings, belt from the limited, red shoes from dsw
Aldo circular disk earrings.

What are your favorite stores?

Thrift stores, good will, salvation army, forever 21/Heritage, American apparel, urban outfitters, Express. Anywhere really. If I can find a piece I like, then I’ll definitely come back.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Window shopping online a lot, tumblr, try something similar, shopping a lot by myself.
Pieces of everything, no specific style.

Do you blog?

Only a tumblr, and a lookbook
Not something that consumes my life, afraid of going into it and enjoying. Nylon, at Barnes and Noble.

Tell me about your tumblr:

Collection of things I like, don’t want to be famous, do it what I like, open up somewhere and not be judged, if there’s someone else out there that likes its, fashion posts, weird things, pictures of you, posts of things I do, how my day was, thoughts

What is the most interesting thing about you?

I love that I’m bi racial, I stand out, people in Iowa are either white, Asian or black. My hair is unique to the people in Iowa; it’s super curly and an afro, and it’s all real. Like the ethnicity. Used to straighten my hair, hated curls, really heavy. Last summer cut, and takes 2 hours of straightening.

What are your passions?

Kids, being around younger kids, love sewing, haven’t done it so much lately, relaxing, don’t do clothes much, don’t like using patterns, I focus more on quilting and hemming/reconstruction. Baking, I absolutely love to bake. I want to get better at the decoration though!

What do you do with spare time?

Sit at home, Netflix, tumblr, hang out with friends, go shopping/thrifting, sleep, lay out (summer).

What are your favorite things to watch?

Re-watching Battlestar Galactica, different documentaries, I watch a lot of things on Netflix and Hulu.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

Traveling the world, build schools in Africa and teach on them, on my bucket list. I want to eventually get married and have kids, be a successful teacher; and ultimately just live a very happy life, as regret free as possible.

Is there anything else you’d like my readers to know about you?

I’m just your average 20 y/o college student. I work and go to school full time, and I try to see the best in everyone. Having my own sense of style is important to me. I do pull from other people, but I always try to put my own spin on whatever I see. I try to think outside of the “fashion box” so to speak and experiment with my looks!

You can view her lookbook here, and her tumblr here.

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