Whitecap Waters

what i wore: floppy hat with blue ribbon from Target, Beacher wedges courtesy of Blowfish, whitecap waters tunic from Modcloth, and blue skirt (worn underneath) from Forever 21


Just popping in to do a quick outfit post. I have been super busy with my final art project, well our group decided it would be best to extend this project and join it with the final since, surprisingly, I was told that we are done with Drawing class next Thursday! I'm actually a little saddened because of this. I absolutely love this class and spent about 7 hours working on it yesterday and I know I am going to be spending as much time as I can to make this project an incredible one! I cannot wait to show all of you some of the projects/drawings I've done!

Anyways, this outfit was thrown together a while back, I just never posted the pictures. Probably because it wasn't my favorite of outfits. I cannot wait to layer this dress under a skirt though! I do enjoy the fact that this entire outfit has a very blue hue to it though, it's sunny, and I adore the pattern on this dress.

PS: I apologize for not being able to respond to all of your lovely comments! Like I said, I've been busy with this project and also, there have been all sorts of things happening locally! I will set aside one day soon to get caught up on all my comment responding and blog reading!

Hope you all are having a wonderful beginning of the week and enjoying summer!
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