80/35 Festival: Part I

what i wore: Beacher wedges courtesy of Blowfish, floral dress from Forever 21, and sunglasses, a gift from my aunt



Below are some of my favorite pictures on from the 80-35 flickr photostream on Day 1:






Oh my goodness, the first day of 80/35 was so much fun! Lauren and I walked there from her place, it took a while, and it was so hot, but it was a nice walk overall. We people watched for a lot of the time and hung around the independence stage (one of the free ones). I love how booming the festival is, and I loved seeing so many people there. To view more pictures from the festival, go to the 80-35 flickr photostream! I'll post some more of my favorites when I do part II tomorrow! Girl Talk was absolutely incredible, if you couldn't tell by the last few pictures! I wish I could have brought my SLR into the show. They don't allow them in the main stage area, and I wouldn't have anywhere to put it since we didn't drive there! I should have brought a disposable camera! I'll have to remember that for next year.

Also, I'm wearing the same color combination as the last time I went to a concert, click here to see.

So, stay tuned for Part II tomorrow!
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