Fifteen Favorites on Friday v7

1. How incredible does Alex of Blue Feather Style look in this vintage yellow dress, and that daisy crown is just perfect. She looks like a princess! Oh and how about her amazing new red hair?!

2. I guess I have a little fascination with paper cups as of lately! These cups are beautifully crafted out of handmade paper or sheets of porcelain and paper pulp mixture by artist Rebecca Wilson and I found these via  Honestly...WTF. (If you're interested the top two at paper and the bottom two are porcelain).

3. Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere really impresses with this gorgeous neutral outfit and her bold orange lipstick!

4. This is such a lovely photo of Dakota and Elle Fanning.

5. These whimisical and adventure filled illustrations I found via Rebecca of The Clothes Horse by Hillary Bird make me wish I had a bear for a best friend!

6. This hand house is so intriguing! Oh, and I love how the fingernails are painted!

7. I just discovered The Impossible Project which aims to preserve the process of poloroids and basically saved analog instant photography from going disappearing completely by creating more poloroid film. Found this via From Me To You.

8. These laser cut cardboard animal trophies from Cardboard Safari are so adorable!

9. I love these gorgeous prints from t87store on etsy!

10. I adore this before and after of this china hutch I found via Design Sponge.

11. I really like these illustrations by Shan Jiang I found via Koi Koi Koi.

12. These bed toppings are just about the cutest ever! Who wouldn't want to snuggle into one of these designs?

13. I adore these intensely colorful paintings from Joshua Petker I found via Sweet Station.

14. I love this Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory inspired melting clock decoration I found via Sweet Station.

15. I absolutely adore silhouette work, and this Silhouette Master Theatre series by Wilheim Stahele is just fantastic!
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