Floral and lace

what i wore: gray vest and brown belt with heart detail thrifted, paisley green scarf, 2 silver knuckle rings, and black tank top from Forever 21, black sandals from Target, white lace top was a gift, green crystals ring from Vitae Design Collective






I went for a very retro, layered look yesterday. I parted my hair and curled the bangs on the opposite side today! It was weird because I kept trying to sweep my bangs the wrong way! I needed a change though and for today, it was a nice little one! Oh, and I went on a shopping spree on Monday and I cannot get enough of high waisted shorts! I love these floral ones and I also go some lace ones! I'm hooked. Yesterday I had dinner with one of my very best friends, Rachel and then we decided to go see the new Winnie the Pooh movie and it was absolutely delightful. I'd highly recommend it and it's only an hour. Also, I watched My Neighbor Totoro for the first time ever tonight, and I adored it.

Don't forget to check out my side project, One Photo, One Sketch Daily. I sketched a picture of my boyfriend yesterday!

Anyone have any good movie recommendations?!
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