Sweet Darling

what i wore: Garren heels from Blowfish Shoes, Sweet Darling dress from Modcloth, knuckle ring and earrings from Forever 21, and green crystals ring from Vitae Design Collective.



These photos were taken a few days ago, before my foot injury and they will be the last set of photos where you'll see me in any type of heel or wedge for about 3 weeks to a month! Just a heads up! I adore this dress, but it was a bad decision wearing long sleeves in this heat. It was worth it though because these pictures look fabulous! Look out for my next local spotlight post on Sunday, we shot the photos are this location!

Anyways, I've been basically just watching documentaries on Netflix and finally for the first time watching Star Wars, we just finished up Return of the Jedi last night. I can't believe I've never watched these, I actually really like these movies.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!
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