When in doubt, wear red

what i wore: red dress from garage sale, earrings and knuckle ring from Forever 21, green crystals ring from Vitae Design Collective, tan belt from Target, Baku wedges from Blowfish







So, yesterday Megan and I decided to have a craft day! We went on a search for lace and white boxers to re-create this DIY! I guess we didn't realize how difficult it was to find white boxers, so we decided to DIY the shorts as well! I will do a full post about the DIY soon to show you all our creations! Megan did most of the work, because she knows more about sewing and she's amazing of course!

Anyways, I bought this dress at a garage sale recently! I really love it, and I have been trying to wear some more red in general. I like the color on me. I decided to go for these oatmeal colored wedges so I wouldn't distract from the dress! Also, I adore this awesome dead end that we found near my house, I'm excited to take more pictures there, and also I can't wait to do more crafting and DIYs later on this week!

Also, I am super excited to start my Harry Potter marathon that will last two days, I am watching 1-4 tomorrow and 5-7.1 on Wednesday, because I'm going to the midnight showing of The Deathly Hallows Part II on Thursday, and I need to catch up and refresh my mind!

"When in doubt, wear red" - Bill Blass

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