Guest Post: Velvet Lipstick





Hey guys! My name is Jen, and I write the blog Velvet Lipstick! Thanks to Meanz for being so wonderful and putting up with my total spaceyness this past week - midterms have been killing me! I have this big art midterm due this week that's sucking all my time...

So my favorite way to de-stress from midterms is... video games!! My boyfriend and I started nerding out on this web series called The Guild (have any of you guys seen it? Felicia Day is awesome, right?!) and it convinced us to try MMORPG gaming, a nerddom we've never ventured into. Anyways, for this outfit, I wanted something really comfortable that I could both paint and game in, so I threw on my favorite romper! (It's still super warm in northern california, unfortunately! I can't wait for fall!) We went to the store for ice and other weekend essentials (chocolate milk!), so I dressed up the romper with this oversized thrifted cardi and my lacy doc martens, both of which have been unworn for way too long! I love rediscovering items in my closet. Especially ones that have been lost to the closet floor and have been awarded the dog hair makeover...

I hope everyone is having a good week! My boyfriend and I live close to Dixon, CA where the largest corn maze in the world is! I just moved up here a couple years ago, so I've never been! Last year the rain destroyed it before I had a chance to go. But this year will be different!!! Hopefully we'll go this weekend, and I'll make sure to post pictures on my blog so you all can see what you're missing out on. ;) Do you guys have any special plans for this weekend, or something you're really looking forward to for fall?

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