Shop & Eat Local Des Moines


So, Sarah of Rock N Reconstruct contacted me a while back with an idea called Shop Local and I gladly accepted to help. Basically, the idea is to get people to shop local. Des Moines, Iowa has so many local shops and restaurants to offer, but there are a lot that many people might not know about. I love supporting local businesses, seeing as my parents own a business, so I've grown up understanding the importance to shopping local. Here is our mission statement: "Shop Local DSM is a cooperative effort of Des Moines independent business owners committed to spreading the word that shopping and eating locally is essential to sustaining a vibrant community."

I know many of my readers are not local residents of Des Moines, but this is a good time for me to stress the importance of shopping local and helping out those around you who have wonderful shops that you just need to discover! If you are ever in the Des Moines area, I'd encourage you to check out our local shops. There are many great discoveries to be made. Also, if you are interested, you can check out our facebook page and blog where we spotlight upcoming events as well as stores that want to participate in an interview.

PS: The above 2 logos were designed by me.

So, any thoughts? Do you have anything like this in your local community?
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