My week through instagram v6

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Ate some delicious pho, like always, yes I drew a heart with the hoisin sauce and sriracha. Then I ate a yummy broccoli and cheese soup breadbowl at Panera with the boyfriend.

I discovered this sign popping up in a couple bathrooms at school so I decided to snap a picture. It's interesting. I also fulfilled a cat tapestry pocket short custom order on my etsy shop. I can make more! Message me on etsy if you'd like a custom order!

I wore my new lovely owl ring I bought on Black Friday. I ate some delicious ma pow tofu with steamed rice.

I got my new Jenette over-the-knee boots in the mail c/o Blowfish Shoes and I am absolutely smitten with them! I also decided to lay out an outfit to wear with the boots which will be up in a post tomorrow - that is not the WHOLE outfit :D.

My group and I put up our Graphic Design history project about the Modern Movement (of Graphic Design) in America. I chose to play off of some of Lester Beall's Rural Electrification Administration posters and re-create them by adding one or two modern elements. The rest of my group made a little re-created magazine inspired by Alexey Brodovitch. I spent the night in Drawing, sketching and eating bugles.

I got this dog vest, that I can't wait to make into back pockets for shorts for my etsy shop. I also ate a lot of gummy worms.

I woke up to a frost gracing the grass in my backyard, and captured Bella running around in it. I decided to try out a new idea and reconstructed this vest with a lovely Southwestern print on the back, it's available in my etsy shop here, and custom orders are available!

I went thrifting with Selma, and she found me this lovely vintage red Ralph Lauren blazer (it came with a matching skirt) and these three lovely pillbox hats! How was your week!? Did you do anything fun?
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