Pattern mixing and a new cape

what i wore: off white cape with black trim, belt and yellow plaid western button-up thrifted, reconstructed and studded shorts made by me, sheer black tights and gray speckled socks from Target, feather necklace from icing, Jenette over-the-knee black boots c/o Blowfish Shoes, and two tone sunglasses from OC Shades 


Yes, I still wear shorts in the winter time, why not right? That's what layers are for. One of my very favorite combinations is tights, thigh high socks and tall boots. I just received these lovely Jenette boots from Blowfish Shoes, and I absolutely adore them, not only are they super comfortable, they help keep me warm!

Also, I love this cape that I just thrifted not too long ago! I can't wait to wear it on top of many layers! This was a few days ago, and it was a lot nicer out! It's beginning to snow now! Anyways, I was a little hesitant on this pattern combination, but I actually love it, the cool tone of the leopard print cardigan paired with the bright and warm toned western plaid button up is just delightful, at least to me!

What patterns do you like to mix?
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