Photography Spotlight: Figment Art Photo

Remember when I did that behind-the-scenes look at Joelle of Figment Art Photo's photoshoot with Selma (if not, you can view it here), well here are the finalized photos and an interview with her! Enjoy!

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Here is a photo of the Selma and Joelle:


When/how did you get started in photography?

In high school, there was a teacher named Mr. Weiss that taught Photo Art and everyone told me not to take his class because he was supposedly super difficult and so I never did until my senior year, which I soon regretted because I have never had such a great experience. Yes, I skipped lunch, came in before school, after school and during study hall to work in the dark room but he thought I was great student and I earned his respect. He is brilliant. And while amongst trying to impress, I fell in love with photography. I am always looking for places to shoot, people to shoot, and it never gets boring and I learn new things all the time. 

What is the benefit of having two photographers at one photoshoot?

Sometimes THE best shot isn't the one that the model is paying attention to. Plus, you can never go wrong with a second shooter: more photos, different viewpoints and angles and they can capture details and moments that aren't seen by the other. 

Did you go to school to study photography?

I took photo classes, strictly film, in high school and I now I will have my photography degree in December. 

Tell me the idea behind your name, “Figment photography”.

It's a long story.. but it branches from an Andy Warhol quote.

What do you shoot with/what equipment do you use?

I use Nikon, nothing against Canon, in fact I may switch it up someday, but it is user friendly, and gets me the images I want. 

How would you describe your shooting style?

I am sometimes very awkward while shooting. I take a lot of photos and try to get the in between shots, the ones that no one is paying attention to until they hear the click. 

How is important is photoshop in your final photos?

I do more editing then it looks like I do. And I prefer it that way. I try to keep things as natural as possible. 

Studio or natural lighting? Why?

I am a natural light photographer. I like studio also but it is a completely different look and one that I am still learning. 

How do you choose your locations?

This always depends, it depends on the outfits, the makeup and the hair and even the model. I like fields and old things and trees and buildings but I also like a simple background when it is necessary. 

Black and white or color and why?

I am a sucker for black and white. It makes things look so soft, and sometimes sexy, classic and consistent… not to mention easy. Color is great too, it is a constant changing variable though… 

Digital or film and why?

I have always felt that film is more of an art than digital. There is something about all the steps, and having to really know what you're doing, not just clicking a button and then adjusting on your computer later. Not to mention all the time and skill put into developing the film and being in the dark room. I believe that film is not dead but I also believe we live in a digital world and for me, it creates an easy turn around, and while technology can definitely do you wrong, at least it has me a few times, it usually ensures a product that you expected. 

Do you have a hair and makeup team, do you do it, or does the model?

As of late, I do the makeup or my model does their own but I will be working with Karissa Andrews of If Looks Could Kill and Katie Glass of Beauty Marked and Brianne Cummings of her own salon as I have worked with them before. 

Who styles your photoshoots?

Again, a lot of time this is done by me and my models, but Ha-Lim Park has assisted (until she moved to Cali) and I have been fortunate to work with Vitae Design Collective and had the wonderful Julie Punelli of Magpie shoot her fall line, as well as some Suzabelle and Acanthus Apparel. 

Where do you get your inspiration for your photoshoots?

Blogs, Magazines, Fashion Websites, Clothing, Faces.

How do you come up with ideas for your photoshoots?

Sometimes I base it off an idea I have seen and sometimes things get into my head and I force myself to just play it out. 

What is the next lens and/or camera accessory you will buy/want to buy?

Studio lights, which I am planning on getting for Christmas :) And a wide angle lens. 

Do you have any tips for a budding photographer?

Keep trying things. I have had to fight with myself at times to actually try something because I think I am not good enough, but once I do it, not only can I move onto something else, but I get a great product/learning experience!

Is there anything else you’d like to say to my readers?

Thank you for looking at my work and giving me a chance :) And contact me for a shoot!

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