Selma's birthday party and loose waves

what i wore: olive tights and tan belt from Target, socks from Gap,  Garren heels from Blowfish Shoes, light purple gridded button-up thrifted, high waisted black studded shorts made by me, and leopard print cardigan from Delia's

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This is the outfit I picked out to wear to go to Selma's birthday party on Saturday. Her birthday was the 10th of December. Anyways, I went with a slightly retro slightly edgy vibe, and I like the outcome. I actually ended up swapping the heels for moccasins last minute, because honestly, I haven't worn heels, chunky or not in a while, and these are more of a daytime shoe anyways!

Oh, and this is the first of many versions of sleeveless collared button-ups you'll see me wearing in an outfit post! I recently scored a few of them while thrifting that are just fabulous. They are my new obsessions and they are so easy to layer with! I'd highly recommend you going out and getting one.

So, exciting news readers, I curled/waved my hair for the first time ever successfully! I don't know if you've noticed, but the majority of my blog features of pictures of me with straight hair, and that's because I've never really known how to curl my hair, nor have I owned a decent curling iron. So, I decided to go for it, and buy an iron, with the help of Sam, and since I had an excuse to dress up I decided I should try it out. I went for loose waves, and it turned out pretty fantastic if I do say so myself.

Do you curl/wave your hair or do you prefer straight?

PS: Check back to see a very simple and easy to follow tutorial on how to curl/wave your hair tomorrow!
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