Guest Post - Joelle and her wedding

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I asked the lovely Joelle to write this guest post about her beautiful wedding. All these pictures are so lovely, and I thought you all would love to see and hear about her wedding. Who doesn't love weddings?! Check out her photography as well.


What made you fall in love with Jake?

It is pretty evident that he is good looking-- so I wont lie and say that didn't have SOMETHING to do with it but he has always been my greatest challenge. He didn't come easily to me and I stuck it out and it was so incredibly worth the wait. He would do anything for me (and me, in return, of course) and he continues to support and cherish me every day and that means so much.

Why did you choose your venue?

We looked at only a few places, but everywhere had so many rules, and we wanted to break all of them! We walked into the West End and both looked at each other and said "this is it!" It is such a great atmosphere in there. We wanted a casual, cocktail style reception. What was even greater is we didn't have to put too much effort into it!

Where did your inspiration for your decor come from?

We chose an antique circus theme because it incorporates all the things we wanted in the wedding. It gives it a good feel-- lots of stripes and fun music. We love the look of antique things and who doesn't love elephants and balloons!? We just wanted people to just have fun!

Can you describe some of your favorite moments as you look back on your wedding day?

It began as a slightly chaotic day.. Jake lost his bowtie, I forgot the important reception music and had to run back to our house to get it.. and I was feeling a little stressed from running around, but the moment that I tapped Jake's shoulder for our first look, I immediately felt relieved. Not to mention our officiant was so perfect. I loved our whole ceremony. It was intimate and strictly family and just very touching and true. Probably my favorite part of the day.

Credits and thanks to:

Photography: Ben Blood Photography// Venue: West End Architectural Salvage// Invitations: Liz Designs Things// Wedding Dress: Ouma// Makeup: BeautyMarked- Katie & Bopha// Shoes: JCPenney// Headpiece: David's Bridal// Groom's/Groomsmen's Vests: Fossil// Bowties: Divine Domestication// Shoes: Dillards// Videography: Thai Luong// Tuan Phan// Flower Design// myself// Music: ASensation- Tim// Catering: Palmer's Deli, Fong's, Appare Japanese Steakhouse// Event Coordinater: Diane Sherman// Wedding Programs: Zak Sheeder
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