What I wore: coat, light brown oxfords and dark green cardigan from Target, headscarf, belt and mint green dress thrifted, teal tights from Forever 21, and owl ring from Icing
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I don't know, I feel like this outfit is heavily inspired by the awesome style of Kaylah of The Dainty Squid. I love how I decided to wear shades of greens in this outfit. I've also decided to to bring back the headscarves, I've missed them dearly, and I have so many of them. The weather was so nice yesterday, and I had a very long day going to meetings, and working both jobs. Ah, more work to do today. I don't think weekends exist as a time to relax for me anymore! Oh, well! This won't last forever, I hope.

Do you like Monochromatic looks? Have you tried it?
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