Ri Knows Best


Meet my brother Ri (pictured above). We are putting together a new segment called Ri Knows Best where he will be answering make-up questions as well as some others. I think you all will like him. Read his introduction below, and leave your thoughts in the form of comments! We'd love to hear from all of you!

Here’s the thing… I used to work in the beauty industry. No, I wasn’t a celebrity make-up artist and no, I never touched a runway model. So, it’s natural that some might ask, “Who is this wannabe giving me advice about make-up?” Others might be thinking, “Damn, this guy is sexy and I want to get in his pants.” It’s all good. The truth is I worked mostly as a sales executive and partly as a make-up artist. What does this mean to you? Well mama, it means that I know all the bull shitake mushrooms that every sales person flings on your face when you walk into the beauty department. Yes, that haggard looking lady telling you how beautiful you look is lying to you. As she’s stroking your ego, she is lining her pockets with your money. You leave the store with a new confidence until you get in the car, look in the rearview mirror, and realize that your foundation is two shades too light. That beautiful red lipstick was applied unevenly to your lips, oh… and it is smeared all over your white teeth. That eye shadow she applied makes you look like you were born in the 80’s, and the mascara… okay fine, the mascara looks fantastic, but this is the mascara you’ve been purchasing for the past two years. Does this sound familiar? Read on. Of course, four hours later… that 16-hour, sweat resistant foundation is melting off of your face. The long lasting lipstick has transferred from your lips onto everything your lips touch, from your water bottle, to your wine glass, to the guy you were hoping to take home from the bar. Girl, you look a hot mess.

Like this post if you would like to see some video tutorials with Meanz as the make-up guinea pig. Type your recommendations and thoughts down below in the comments section. What kind of look would you like to see Meanz sport?

I’ll also be answering your make-up questions. GO FOR IT.
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