Doggy Photoshoot Preview

Photos above taken by Alyssa, instagram username: alyssabowers

Photo taken by Vanezza Van Buskirk.

Photo above taken by Shayla, instagram username: shayla_rae

Photo above taken by Kayla, instagram username: kay_com

Photo above taken by Michael, instagram username: forevergold515

Last weekend, I got to take part in an awesome photoshoot! I got to get my picture taken with a lot of cute doggies! It was exciting business. The doggies and I modeled our Acanthus Apparel hoodies together, and I really cannot wait to see the photos taken by the lovely and talented Joelle of Figment Art Photo. I scoured all over instagram to get some of these preview photos! Thankfully, people were taking behind the scenes photos. Thanks to everyone that was a part of the photoshoot! It was a lot of fun. I will be sure to post the finished photos when they are ready! I'm sure they will be wonderful.

What do you think!? Would you buy your dog (or cat!) a hoodie!?

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