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Hello ladies and gentlemen readers of Koi Story!

Your local body décor artist here to tell you about some new endeavors I’ve been working on in my small little piece of the pie art world. I’ve been going through a lot of big life changes lately, and as any artist knows, when you throw yourself into new adventures and chapters in your life, your art ends up being effected whether you prefer it to or not. I generally embrace life changes and what it ends up doing to my art, I love looking back on pieces I did in college or directly afterwards and reading the mood I was in in that particular time period of my life. Whether it was a break-up I was going through, or an up and up and UP mood, whether I was feeling particularly gratified through my friends and family or whether I was feeling painfully lonely, if you know me and my art, you can definitely read it through my pieces I produce.

So, with this new chapter of my life of a new job (managing Ragstock in Jordan Creek Mall, come visit me! We have fabulous and funky down to a science) and leaving my website and promotional material design job of two years, I’ve also delved into experimenting with new forms of decorating the beautiful ladies that I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by lately.

When a friend moved to LA (Elena Flores of La Bella Figura) and left me three tubs of gorgeous fabric, I enviably knew it would end up being incorporated in some sort of paint scheme…and sure enough it was only a matter of time. Anytime anyone drops off something as lovely as that and it sits for enough time in my house…well, the evidence of what happens is here on this lovely blog for you to see. For these particular projects, I’ve ditched the idea of having full body paint and crossed over to the idea of having the paint accent a different kind of art created by yours truly, Body by Svec. Gasp! Shock! Emily Svec, body painter of Des Moines, decides she’d rather focus on something OTHER than the paint? I’ve always considered myself an artist first, body painter second and there are THOUSANDS of way to celebrate the body with or without the paint.

Armed with the fabulous Billy Dean Porter Jr., a muse and fellow artist in Des Moines, the beautiful models Rachel McConnelly and Bailey Rowe, I started throwing fabric at them I imagine the same way an abstract artist throws paint on a canvas. Wrapping and weaving and twisting and tying fabric around Bailey’s head to create a colorful shock of a headdress, clipping Heather’s Haberdashery’s pieces to the fabric, jamming feathers within the fabric and then carefully painting whimsical, almost tribal, dashes of paint on her face…taking huge long strips of fabric and tying piece by piece to every single dread on Rachel’s head, pinning a rainbow fabric flower I made, creating a winged style and giving her the paint of a psychedelic celestial goddess led to the results on this blog. I love working with creative minds such as these, it makes my life, my art, my love so much more forthcoming and allows a gratifying release that I couldn’t begin to put into words.

Art knows no bounds the same way love knows no bounds. Though my main focus is always the celebration of the body, to limit that celebration to only paint would be so…obvious. A travesty, there’s so many worlds of creativity to explore! Thank you lovely readers for staying tuned to the little twists and turns of Body by Svec. I’ll be getting back to full body paint again soon, with Halloween coming up, but I love sharing my small deviation from the paint.

Remember in all your artistic endeavors, art is love. Love knows no bounds.
Yours truly in the paint (and otherwise!),
Emily Svec

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Credits //
Body Painter + Artist - Emily Svec of Body By Svec
Photographer - Billy Dean Porter Jr.
Hairpins + accessories - Heather's Haberdashery
Models - Rachel McConnelly + Bailey Rowe

I hope you enjoyed this post. Emily is a magnificent artist, and so inspiring, I love coming across her new endeavors. Also, I had the wonderful chance of meeting Billy Dean Porter Jr. and his work is incredible as well. I'm so glad that there is so much talent here in Des Moines. It makes me really proud and happy to be a part of this city. I also love the idea of artist collaborations, and hope someday I will be able to do some wonderful collaborations! Anyways, you will be seeing more guest posts from her, as well as some other possible reoccurring guest posters, so stayed tuned! 

What do you think? 
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