Must love dogs

what i wore: white maxi dress from Style Sofia, baku wedges from Blowfish, navy blue crossbody bag thrifted, black dress slip and tan belt from Target, and dual tone circle sunnies from OC Shades

I really apologize for the lack of photos of my outfit from yesterday. We were just super busy right as we arrived in Iowa City. I met David's grandma and uncle for the first time. His grandma is so cute and tried to get me to dislike David's beard, but, what can I say? I'm a beardlovin' gal! I can't help myself!

Zoey is the King Charles Spaniel pictured above, she is super adorable and it's so cute when she drinks from the water bowl, because her ears are so long they get wet at the tips, and she's just too cute and Bandana is that lovely golden retriever. He is just a lovable oaf. He loves getting pet, is not very into walks, and likes to get up in your space. I don't mind though! I mean, look at that face!

So, today was David's little brother's high school graduation. We had an early dinner which was delicious. I wish I could show you pictures, but I was starving! We had a spread of yummy brisket, salad, corn, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, asparagus, and pineapple. Then we headed to the arena where the graduation was held. I forgot how long and boring these things were! Anyways, I'm super happy for him! It's a big step. I can barely remember my high school graduation, but it was about three years ago! After the graduation we went to Coldstone. I got the delicious Lemon Poppy Seed ice cream mixed with yellow cake and graham crackers in a chocolate dipped and sprinkled cone bowl. It was so delicious!

I'm having a really lovely time here so far, and I hope the rest of this weekend goes this well! I decided to wear this white maxi (last worn here), because I just really wanted to wear it again, but this time I belted it with a tawny colored belt, and wore my new Blowfish Baku wedges, and of course covered up with a tan cardigan since it was so chilly and to stick with my neutral trend!

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