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Hi all, I would love for you to meet Sarah and Drew of Midwest Vintage. I met Sarah through chance by stumbling across a sign for her Vintage Porch Sale while on my way over to a friend's house. They are so awesome, and I love checking out all of their finds and seeing Sarah's reconstructions! Anyways, this is their story, I hope you enjoy it.



Midwest Vintage was born from our love of thrifting, and the thrill of hunting for that rare vintage t shirt or dress. We have always been thrifters, and one day we just looked at each other after a thrifting trip and said.. we should start selling some of this stuff! Just like that MWV was born. We love looking for those sought after vintage pieces vintage lovers want, and specialize in t shirts, dresses outerwear, and accessories from the 60s, 70s, 80s and early 90s.

We want to be the best variety of Men's and Women's vintage apparel at modest prices. We are committed to consistently bringing you the best vintage apparel worthy of your closet.

We have a passion for the quality and uniqueness vintage clothing offers and love traveling near and far to find it. We collectively have over fifteen years of vintage buying experience and strive to find only the best vintage for the price. We travel the Midwest & west coast to find the best vintage finds to satisfy your unique style.

If you are local to Des Moines come check out our Porch Sale! It is today, August 27th from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM at 3402 School St.

Check us out on facebook and twitter and of course peep our etsy page!

Koi Story readers can get 10% off by entering KOI STORY in the coupon code section at checkout on our etsy.


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