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Hi all you lovely readers, I would love to introduce to you a lovely group of local talent in this post including a model, photographer, makeup artist and hair stylist. I wasn't able to make this shoot to do behind the scenes shots, but the photos are so amazing, that I had to post them anyways! Hope you enjoy!




SELMA 12 WEB copy





You can view an interview I did with Selma for a spotlight a while back here.

Here are some interviews with the rest of the awesome ladies:


Tell me about yourself.
My name is Aurilla Goldsmith, and I hail from a town in southwest Iowa called Corning.
I have been behind the chair for 2 years and love every minute of it! The great thing about being in the hair industry is that there are more paths to take than just working at a salon all day, everyday. For the past 6+ months I have been teaming up with other talented individuals (hair stylists, make-up artists, and photographers) to start builidng my portfolio to take my career to the next level.

What made you decide you wanted to be a hair stylist?
At a young age, many people tried to talk me into becoming a cosmetologist, it wasn't until I was out in the "real world" for a couple years until I finally decided to take the next step that will become my now career. I was attending Iowa State University at the time and saw the sign for "The Salon Professional Academy" on a CyRide bus while I was going to one of my classes. When I returned to my apartment I called The Salon Professional Academy and scheduled a visit, and it's all been up hill from there on!

What is your favorite part about doing hair?
Being creative. Everyone's style is different. It's fun to help someone come up with their own individualized style that fits them and their everyday lifestyle. It's also important to make each one of your clients feel great about the look their recieving!

What are some of your favorite products and do you have an tips for my readers?
My two "go- to" products that I can not live with out would be Pureology's Essential Repair Leave-In Conditioner, along with their ColourMax. Both of these products have the antifade complex which helps defend against color-fading and also helps restore shine, softness, and manageability. (Not to mention, are 100% Vegan and great for all hair types!)

Is there anything else you want to say to my readers?
I just started my own "small business" called Auriginal Designs! Check out my facebook page, and spread the word!


Tell me about yourself.
I'm a very serious person. I should be taken seriously at all times.

What made you decide you wanted to be a photographer?
Spite and rage. True story.

What is your favorite part about photography?
Counting my mad stacks of make-believe Benjamins after every shoot!

What are some of your favorite poses and/or kinds of photoshoots to do and do you have an tips for my readers (when it comes to being behind the camera or in front of it)? If you are modeling, don't think about if what you are doing is stupid or you don't like it, just fucking own it. If you are a photographer, boobies are great and all, but it's not all about the boobies.

Is there anything else you want to say to my readers?
Be good, get good or give up.

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Tell me about yourself.
Well lets see...I am not too interesting of a person unless I have a makeup brush in my hand! I am 26 years old from Virginia, but spent most of "growing up" in Lewistown, Mo! It is by far the smallest town in the world. One of those if you blink you will miss it kind of towns! Since I was a child I was always into makeup. You couldn't get me out of my mom or granny's makeup bags! The rare moments that I wasn't piling on their makeup and clothes I was coloring my dolls faces with marker and making them amazing new fashions with paper towels and tape! As I got older the passion for makeup was always there but the thoughts of the real world led me to believe that I had to buckle down and find another job path. While I attended a four year university I went to cosmetology school just to extend my knowledge on what I knew in the back of my mind was what I would be happy doing for the rest of my life. I continued doing makeup for friends as I moved along from school to the real world, and no matter what city or state I moved to it was never long before I had a list of people calling me for makeup applications! Tragically in 2010 a very close friend since grade school was taken from us. She was the kind of person that never let one moment slip by her. I always envied her free spirit and ability to love life and everyone in it! She was always very supportive of me taking my love for makeup and turning it into a career and after sharing many great stories of her life with friends and family I decided to take a lesson from her. "Stop being afraid of failing and just freaking do it already!" For the last year I have done just that, stopped being afraid of failing at what I have loved for so long and took the plunge into making my passion my career! As a forever thanks to Miss Kourtnie Lea Geisendorfer for giving me the swift kick in the butt I needed to actually start living my life I, with the permission of her wonderful family, named my artistry business after her. Kouralea Nicole has become my second love, next to my amazing boyfriend for putting up with the many hours of makeup conversations and work! It is a title that embodies everything I love from my dear friend to my family (Nicole being my middle name...Thanks Mom!) and will hopefully be a name that continues to grow in the makeup artistry world!

What made you decide you wanted to be a make-up artist?
I have always had a love for makeup since I can remember, but what really grabbed my attention to become a makeup artist was the creativity behind it! Makeup artist are exactly that...Artist! The face is a canvas with unknown possibilities of what can be painted on it! You can reverse all the glitz and glam of makeup and take the most beautiful face in the world and turn it into a gruesome hideous piece of art! It is definitely a craft that I will continue to love and lean from everyday!

What is your favorite part about doing make-up?
My favorite part would have to be when my clients see themselves after everything is done. It is just an amazing feeling when you get that "in shock" moment where they just stare in the mirror with a huge smile on their face! Our clients put their trust in us to make their visions come to life and to me that is the greatest compliment.

What are some of your favorite products and do you have an tips for my readers?
I live for MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder! It gives you the perfect natural-matte finish. I have also been using Tarte's emphasEYES waterproof eyeshadow/liner. It is by far my favorite cream liner to work with. Easy for anyone to use and amazing durability! My biggest tip for clients is skin care! Makeup is there to enhance what you have, so take care of what you have! Not only do you need to be keeping your face clean but also your makeup applicators. Makeup brushes will harvest bacteria which will cause you to have those unwanted breakouts. Keep it clean folks! Our mothers and grandmothers and so on have been preaching that since they walked to school up hill both ways!

Is there anything else you want to say to my readers?
Confidence! Confidence! Confidence! Know that you are beautiful! It is true that beauty comes from within. Even with a full face of makeup, if you do not feel like the amazing beauty that you are the world will not see it as well!

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I will be assisting on a few photoshoots here and there and shooting some behind the scenes work, so you will be seeing more of their work in the future! Look out! It'll be awesome.
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